Tuesday, 30 November, 2010


Was a real bright and sunny day, the spring indeed brings a sense of joy to all of those who expirence it. Well i am not very much familer with th climate either, but they say it gets real bad in the eastern part of the states during the fall. Anyways, my roomie and me looking at the weather stated out early in the morning for a road trip. Destiny was Boston Downtown. I have clicked some pictures. So just wanted to share with you guys.
A bit rusty coming back to my blog after a long time, i hope i ll be tuned in with it much faster.
Enjoy the snaps

This one is taken at the Coupley Square, One on the famous, busy streets in Boston.

Well it was too early in the morning so you cant see most of the crowd there.

This is one of the oldest church in Boston

Coupley Square again, This is the view of the Boston Public Library

Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Perfect Crescent

Finally i got a tripod :)
well this was clicked at around 830pm.
With bumped ISO n high shutter speed and 12x zoom
tried to catch the crescent between the trees and building,had to wait for long to get this particular shot
but it was worth the wait
got some nice color of the leaves as the near by flat was throwing a bit of hazy light onto the leaves adding colors to it
the preceding was cliked while i was waiting for the perfect shot.

Saturday, 10 November, 2007

FireWork Art!!

One More stunt showing high exposure of the shutter..Hig exposure rearry brings out the colours and some nice art work makin the snap lively
was clicked by me during the diwali day some friends of mine had come over to my place,so we had some crackers left..so i tried some stints with the shutter.as i dnt have a tripod had to rest it on a platform n then click it just ro avoid the shakes..
One of the best snaps
tried making so wierd designs n turned out to nice n AWESOME
hope u guys like it too

Friday, 9 November, 2007

Festival Of Lights

Wish U a Prosperous New Year too..
The Most awaited n the most fav fest of all
here is a glimpse of the fest

Saturday, 27 October, 2007

By The River Bed

These were clicked during the full moon night.
there were crackers all around,i tried to get some of it sitting near the river side,but were too difficult as it was dark and i had to expose my lens to get a bright a picture
had reduced the the shutters speed up to 15 sec.
the reflection in the still n calm river takes it all
turned out to a real nice snap


It was Kojagiri and the full moon day..
As and according to a friend of mine on this day the moon is bigger in size upto 14% approx bigger
in size..
And it was indeed bigger and was looking awesome.. Indeed a eye catcher


Hey people wihing u happy dussherra and a successful year ahed
this snap was cliked in the bright sun,after finishing the 'PUJA'
Our house was decorated with flowers. heres a glimpse of it